Drop Off & Pick Up

HES Drop-Off and Pick-Up Information


The most critical safety issue we have is our drop off and pick up time. Students should enter school through the front entrance each day. All other doors will be secured. Since we all enter and dismiss from the front part of the campus, it is crucial that we all pay extra attention to student safety. We group students by grade level for pick-up, beginning with K & 1st on the east side of the main entrance. Second Grade is on the west side of the entrance, and 3rd, 4th, and 5th curve on around the circle drive from there.  Please remember these guidelines when dropping-off or picking-up your child:

  1. Stay in your vehicle and move forward as space allows, if using the circle drive
    • Please don’t stop to unload or load students in the crosswalk of the circle drive.
    • Only use the right lane of the circle drive for drop-off and pick-up and have students exit and enter your vehicle on the right side, as other drivers may be passing on the left side.
    • It is fine to use the left lane to pull out of the circle drive, once your child is unloaded or loaded.
    • If buses arrive in the afternoon, please clear out of the circle drive.
    • We have designated Day Care parking along the street in front of the school. Please do not park in that area.
  2. If walking over to meet your child at pick-up, please park in the parking lot or along the street and cross only in the designated crosswalks.
    • We have 3 designated crosswalks. Please remember these guidelines:
      • In the bus circle: This for students walking from or to the island in front of the school. We have teachers whowill stop traffic in the circle to walk the child across to meet the parent during dismissal time.
      • Corner of bus circle to the corner of the street: This was made at the end of last year when the sidewalks were made, and we would prefer you to use this instead of the old one.  Remember that, when someone is in the crosswalk, wait to drive through until they have moved to the sidewalks. 
      • Corner of the west parking lotThe person who walks students across here will also walk them across the parking lot to the sidewalks.  Remember to watch for students coming out of both exits, if you drive through the west parking lot.
  • Head Start and Pre-kindergarten students are dismissed at 2:45.  Teachers will walk their students to the front porch of the school.  You may follow step 1 or step 2 above.
  • All other town students are dismissed at 3:25 each day. Teachers will walk the students out the front doors and line them up by grade level (as in the first paragraph).  You may follow step 1 or step 2 above.
  • HES staff will be out front in the mornings and afternoons to direct traffic, assist students, and ensure safety. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • If your child needs to make a transportation change in the way he or she regularly goes home, please be sure to send a note to the teacher.
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