Security Measures at HES

In order to increase safety for our students and faculty, we have installed another security door. As you enter the school through the second set of doors, you will need to push the silver, triangular button on the right to be granted permission to gain access to the office. Once in the office, you will be asked to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge. Once visitors have received a badge, they will be given access through the second security door. All other exterior doors will remain locked throughout the day. When you are ready to leave campus, please stop by the office and sign out.


All school personnel will be wearing badges to identify themselves. If you do not have a visitor’s badge on, you will be asked to go back to the office to receive one. Knowing who is on campus at all times helps us protect your child’s safety.  To minimize disruptions of instructional time, only prearranged classroom visits are allowed during the school day.

The most critical safety issue we have is our drop off and pick up time. Since we all enter and dismiss from one main entrance, it is crucial that we all pay extra attention to student safety.

Please remember these guidelines when dropping off or picking your child up after school:


1) Stay in your vehicles if pulling through the circle drive

2) If walking over to meet your child at pick-up, please cross only in the designated crosswalks

3) Use the right lane of the circle drive for drop-off and pick-up and have students exit or enter the vehicle on the right side, as other drivers may be passing on the left side

4) It’s fine to use the left lane to pull out of the circle drive, once your child is unloaded or loaded

5) If buses arrive in the afternoon, please clear out of the circle drive.

6) We have designated Day Care parking along the street in front of the school. Please do not park in that area (signs are hung to designate this area).


Head Start and Pre-Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 2:45, and teachers will walk their students to the front drive to meet their parents.  All other town students will be dismissed at 3:30 each day. Teachers will walk the students out the front doors and line them up by grade level.


HES staff will be out front in the mornings and afternoons to direct traffic, assist students, and ensure safety. We appreciate your cooperation. 


If your child needs to make a transportation change in the way he or she regularly goes home, please be sure to send a note to the teacher.


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