3rd Grade Musical, "Go Fish!"

HES Third Grade presented "Go Fish!" October 4th and 5th to large crowds.  The musical took place in the ocean.  Tiger Shark wanted to be friends with everyone.  They all thought she was crazy!  She met a bunch of friends who also had their quirks: a seven-legged octopus, an angel fish, a clown fish who   wasn't funny, a needle fish, a star fish who hasn't had an acting role in a long time, a blow fish with  allergies, a tuna fish who couldn't carry a tune and a zebra fish with spots.  Throughout the course of the musical, the Clown Fish and Sea Horses tried to help. But it was the Great White Shark who reminded us that it takes all kinds of fish to make the ocean a beautiful place, just the way it takes all kinds of people to make a world filled with harmony and color.  It would be a dull place indeed if we were all the same.  


The cast treated us to a variety of songs as well as square dancing and an interpretive dance with scarves. 


Thank you to 3rd grade teachers: Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Berend, Mrs. Morton and Mrs. Shelby.  Also to Mrs. Pennie, Mrs. Mayes, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Story, and Mrs. Talley!  A big thanks to families of all third graders for your fantastic  costuming and support of your students!

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